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Responsive Shopify Theme - Paris

Responsive is an elegantly minimal Shopify theme which dynamically adjusts for all screen sizes and devices. Your shop will look great, whether it's on a 17" laptop, an iPad mini or an Android phone. Resize your browser now, to see this responsive behaviour in action!

This theme includes four styles: New York, San Francisco, London and Paris. Responsive is a feature-packed theme that is highly customizable and comes with Out of the Sandbox's legendary customer support, directly from the theme designers. Read more →


Red Currant Cheesecake Minis

These little two-bite wonders have a lovely tart taste and creamy texture, and the red currants add a dash of color and flavour. A great little dessert if you just want something sweet on the side to go with your afternoon tea!

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This is a 2-column page

This layout can be achieved by working in the HTML mode (<>) of your Page Editor and by setting up some columns on the page that utilize the 16-column grid framework of the Responsive theme. This is a great alternative to using tables, because any page built with these columns will automatically resize nicely on mobile devices (e.g. a 2-column page layout will automatically collapse to 1 column on smaller screens). You can find the directions on how to create multi-column pages in our Support Center.